Over the years, my habit of creating and collecting a numerous reference photos for my paintings, grew to falling in love with the art of photography. My photo sessions became divided into taking the photos for the future painting purposes, capturing perspective, atmosphere and details that would become handy once I pick up my brush, and into taking photos that stand on their own. Big part of my painting thematic belongs to urban subjects and that is also where my recent photography projects land as well.  

Street photography is the genre of art photography that captures dynamic of people within their environment. It's not necessary that it should always include people, neither that it should be always taken on the street, but it will always be about making us thinking about humanity, people, society,... and to me, it will always be about stiring us emotionally, intellectually and aesthetically in the way only true art can and should do.

My recent Street photography projects:

Athens, 2016

 Saturday morning walk, Zagreb

One hour

Barely raining